Amateur Art Model, LLC

Amateur Art Model is different from most modeling agencies.  First, we are hired by
photographers.  Since the photographers pay our fees, the women who model with us keep
all of their pay.  Second, we specialize in finding models with an amateur look.  We seek
models, who do not look like “models”.  In fact, most of our models have never done any
modeling work, prior to working with us.  

If a photographic artist, a student photographer, or a commercial photographer is looking for
a model, who looks like the media’s idea of physical "perfection", there are plenty of
agencies, that can provide plenty of models.  However, if they are looking for a model, who
looks like a real woman and who has a real body, it can be very difficult.  That is where we
come in.

We work with many different clients who are looking for women who look like women, that
you meet every day.  If you don't think you "look like a model", then you may be exactly what
one of our clients is looking for.  We are seeking REAL women with REAL bodies.  REAL
bodies come in many sizes and shapes.  REAL bodies have given birth to children and have
stretch marks or have small breasts or have very large breasts.  REAL bodies do not fit
perfectly into the “box” that holds the models on the covers of magazines.  

Our clients are looking for a wide variety of body types, ages, races, etc.  If you think you
don't look like a model, you may still be exactly what a client wants.  There is almost no
woman, who does not have the potential to be what one of our clients is looking for in a

General Details:

Amateur Art Model never produces pornography.  While we make no judgment on that type
of work, we have chosen not work with clients who are looking for models for sexual shoots.  
No one involved with our company, including our photographer clients, will ever ask you to
engage in any sexual activity, including sexual posing.

The pay for models depends upon the client and the type of work.  However, our shoots
generally pay between $1,000.00 and $5,000.00.  Because we are looking for amateurs who
are willing to model, we have to pay well.  Modeling that involves nudity, pays more than
regular work.  There
are usually only a few hours of work involved.  
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I was pleasantly surprised at how
comfortable the photographer
and the staff made me feel.
Paula J--Dallas
I've never done anything like this
before, but I, actually, enjoyed it.  
Shannon R--Oklahoma City
Lisa M--Portland
Magazines and television are full
of skinny, "perfect", blonds.  As a
large, black woman, I never
thought of myself as a "model",
but I am so glad that I did this!   
Kerry G--Atlanta
I am a 43 year old mother of four
children.  It's good to know that
everyone doesn't have the same
idea of beauty.
Carol S--Kansas City
L. A. can make an average
woman feel hideous!  Thank you
Amateur Art Model!  
Tami A--Los Angeles
Because I did nude work, I didn't
think that I would ever tell anyone
about it.  But when my fourteen
year old (who has mom's body)
started wearing the same baggy
sweats that I used to wear as a
teen, I told her about my
experience and how it made me
feel and how the world isn't just
for the skinny people.
Leslie O--Detroit
Last Christmas was going to be the most depressing day of my life.  
I was on the verge of being evicted.  I sure as Hell couldn't buy any
gifts for my children.  My second marriage had ended in September
and my job laid me off, three weeks later.  I posted an ad online
looking for work.  AAM responded.  I kept my apartment and had a
wonderful Christmas with my kids.  In January, I found another job!  
Cindy B--Phoenix
I used to take the bus from my apartment to the University of
XXXXX, four days a week.  Then I got a random email, one day,
from Amateur Art Model.  I'd never thought of doing anything like
this, before.  I'm pretty unremarkable to look at, but it sounded like
fun and the money was REALLY good, so I responded.  I made
enough to buy a car.  Glad I did this!
Mandi S--Austin
I am as ordinary as a girl can be, so I thought it was odd that I
was being invited to apply for a modeling gig.  My dad used to
tell me that you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take.  
Taking this shot worked out very well.
Shelley D--Waco